My Novi Sad...

We should be proud to live in Novi Sad, in a place like this, and to be aware that it was built by generations of our ancestors, whom showed to us, that it is possible with big effort, from puddle and swamp,  to made the place, very beautiful for living.

Our forefathers created our values and respect, they gave us the power and magic in their sagas to use our pride, warm, sincerity and primordial wish to be different, independent and better from others, no matter how much we do not understand each other, we transfer to all other who come, go or stay on this our streets. …..

It never should be forgot that our grandparents bought freedom along with the large debts and viewers, annoyance and faith in generations before us, which are now and which will come.

We had a behest from them to make Novi Sad mundane city and by all criteria a city of proud and glory, for only in this way we can admit to ourselves that we are doing the right thing,  and admitting to yourselves today is much harder than admit to the other person.

The history is that showing us the value of it and our efforts and honesty to ourselves.

It reaches us that nothing is easy in our lives, but nothing is impossible.

Defense of Turks, building the city on the river and bog, buying the freedom, but struggling for it as well when it is necessary, a completely ruined and burnt city building up at its foundations, not at the other place as some people had suggested, surviving the various union, excepting the various compromises, letting the various armies to puddle our fields and properties, learning all the customs and cultures of the different nations living here and knowing at least a few words of their native language not because of them but because of us, proving ourselves always and to everyone and be sure in ourselves an in our acts and knowing that the sun always shines at this planet after the rain and in this city, no  meter we sometimes forget it.

Telling that you are from Novi Sad and that you live in Novi Sad is the meter of prestige, but also a big obligation and responsibility.

Everyone should do something for Novi Sad.

Give something to it.

At least love, it costs nothing, we do not learn it, we bear with it and we only should find a way to express it.

Novi Sad will bring it back to you.

author: Zoran Kneže